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 As a fourth party logistics (4PL) provider, we connect our customers with the best carriers in the market through technology and solution design. Our customers (shippers) view us as an extension of their logistics team. 


Through leading technology, operational expertise and industry relationships, we control costs, increase efficiency and provide ongoing value to large-scale supply chain operations. We can help you grow your business, exceed customer expectations and outperform your competitors.



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Supply Chain Management

We design tailored solutions for our customers to match business requirements with carrier capabilities:


We continuously monitor your performance so that we can identify and resolve issues before they impact your business. Through our industry knowledge, collective experience, local and global partnerships,  comprehensive technology platforms and the collective buying power of our customers' combined spend, we can help grow your business, save costs and add value to various stages of your supply chain.

3PL Warehousing & Distribution 

We implement and operate flexible warehousing and distribution solutions that are tailored to your business needs: 


Order management, processing and fulfilment, managed inventory, cross-docking and WMS integration (for order tracking and inventory visibility): We have the network and technology to provide a range of outsourced warehousing solutions catering to all of your 3PL requirements. You can focus on your core business, we take care of the rest.

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Domestic Transport Services

Our network of carriers covers all forms of domestic transport:


Our supplier network encompasses companies offering road, air, rail, and sea freight options.

From couriers, to express airfreight, road express, and even sea freight services, Transport Works has the carrier network and reach to handle any distribution requirement, no matter how small or large.

Business Intelligence Reporting

We provide marketing leading KPI and business metrics reporting as part of all of our chain solutions:


Tableau is a business intelligence software that transforms your data into actionable insights. With the help of this powerful tool, we can build visual reports and perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks. Its functionality is unparalleled in the market.



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Continuous Improvement

We constantly strive to drive innovation and deliver long-term value for our customers:


Whether through ongoing benchmarking, cost analysis, or regularly reviewing your internal logistics processes: the Transport Works team of professionals are committed to the continuous improvement of your supply chain operations as part of our service offering. Optimising transportation involves much more than just moving freight for the lowest cost.

International Freight Forwarding

Transport Works can move anything, from anywhere to anywhere in the world:

Whether you're moving 1 container or 10 000 containers a month, small or large airfreight shipments, TW can import or export your goods to and from anywhere in the world.  We also have the ability to offer customers clearance servicess. 


Through our network of international freight forwarders and shipping partners, we have your business covered.

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