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Our Organisation


Transport Works provides best of breed logistics consulting and brokering in Australia and New Zealand. Acting as an agent for our valued customers Transport Works undertakes a wide range of logistics services.


Our Environmental Management Commitment


This Environmental Policy covers all activities at Transport Works sites in Australia and New Zealand. Our sites will adhere to Transport Works Environmental Policy and support the environmental strategies put in place as part of our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment.


In particular, Transport Works will strive to achieve the following objectives through continued development and implementation of its Environmental Management System:

  • To comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in the regions in which we operate.

  • To provide clear communication to our employees ensuring that they have ongoing information and training and through this encourage effective participation in the prevention of pollution both in the workplace and domestically.

  • To provide clear communication to and ensure we work closely with our clients, suppliers, local communities and the public in regards to our environmental policies and objectives.

  • Transport Works recognises the indirect impact that our organisation can have on the environment through the services we acquire from our suppliers. We are committed to;

    • monitoring and aligning ourselves with emerging and ongoing global best practice in responsible supply chain management

    • working with our suppliers to reduce our direct and indirect environmental impacts

    • supporting innovation in sustainable supply chain practices and encouraging our suppliers to reduce their own environmental impact

    • evaluating purchases of goods and services giving consideration to their sustainability impacts and the full cost over their lifecycle, where appropriate.

    • integrating environmental and social considerations into our procurement and outsourcing policy.

  • To continue with effective practices to reduce our impact on the environment giving top priority to water recycling, electricity usage, carbon emission reduction, the elimination or reduction of wasteful practices, and review of our supply chain activities.


Transport Works will do all that is reasonably practical to ensure that there is continuous review, measurement and improvement in our environmental performance.


These strategies shall ensure we conduct our operations and supporting services in a manner that demonstrates responsibility for the protection of our environment.


This policy is endorsed by the Leadership Team who are accountable for Transport Works’ overall environmental performance. This includes providing leadership, direction, resources and support to ensure that the activities of the business are undertaken in a manner that at all times considers and effectively manages potential environmental risks and always strives for environmental performance improvement.


Policy authorized by:  Danyul Gleeson – Managing Director

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